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Why Zulutrade?

Zulutrade offer various auto trading systems that you can choose from. You can sign up for a free 30 day demo online to test out various systems and learn the ins and outs of trading in the currency markets without risk. To minimize the amount of complexity and in order to get started as quickly as possible I recommend you start practicing in a demo until you become familiar with the different systems before you go live and then have the systems trade for you. This allows to you take advantage of trading opportunities even while you are sleeping and there is no better feeling than logging into your trading account to see how much money was made while you were asleep.

Some people use robots or expert advisors as part of their tools in forex trading. However with Zulutrade, you don't need to know much about software, technical settings or VPS like you do when it comes to trading with robots. So there is another advantage for you.

You just let them send signals to your broker and let the systems do the work for you. This is the advantage to having Zulutrade or semi-managed accounts trade for you. I say semi-managed because you can modify the stops, take profit and close postions if you want.

And a side note is that Zulutrade is an aggregator of various signal providers. That means that they have traders or systems that send signals to your broker to open and close positions. They are not a true managed account in the sense that they don't use a PAMM account. A PAMM ACCOUNT (Percent Asset Management Module ) is a multi account that consists of several investor accounts managed by a manager of a Pamm account. The main goal of a PAMM account is to distribute a proportion of losses and gains between all accounts.

I have used two managed accounts or funds that used PAMM accounts and they did not work out for me. Since however I have not given up on searching for a good professionally managed account, my goal is to build up my other trading account balances where I can withdraw some capital and then perhaps take some of that capital to open and try another professionally managed account or fund. But in the meantime, I have to be patient.

Remember it is better to get rich slowly then to go broke fast. Getting rich faster isn't too bad either! ;)

Click here to get started with Zulutrade.

Click here me to find out which systems I use and my live results.

Click here to receive my detailed analysis of the top system providers at Zulutrade.

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THE RISK OF LOSS IN TRADING FOREIGN EXCHANGE (FOREX) CAN BE SUBSTANTIAL. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER SUCH TRADING IS SUITABLE FOR YOU IN LIGHT OF YOUR FINANCIAL CONDITION. THE HIGH DEGREE OF LEVERAGE THAT IS OFTEN OBTAINABLE IN FOREX TRADING CAN WORK AGAINST YOU AS WELL AS FOR YOU. THE USE OF LEVERAGE CAN LEAD TO LARGE LOSSES AS WELL AS GAINS. Forex trading offers large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the Forex market. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Do not trade with any manual or automated trading system without first evaluating for yourself the potential risks involved in using it. All information provided to you in this group is strictly for educational purposes and is not a solicitation to trade spot foreign exchange (FOREX). You are strongly advised to contact a qualified investment professional before making any financial decisions.        

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